"Corrector. risus parat hic. sapiens sibi visus."

Ekkehart über seine vorschnelle Korrektur (siehe Cod. Sang. 159, fol. 330, Rand links)

"I put below of picture of a giraffe with Ogam alongside. The Ogam letters are RZRF. Add vowels and this becomes: Rai Za Ra Fa; old Arabic for 'behold the giraffe.' Alongside a zebra figure one finds Ogam letters ZBDB, which in Arabic reads 'painted ass.' These animal figures are usually considered to date to the Upper Paleolithic. Apparently Arabic speakers added the inscriptions much later. But when, pray, did the Arabs write in Ogam?"

Carter, George F. 1988. "Before Columbus" In: NEARA Journal, 22:61


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